EV Charging Solutions for Business

For Corporate, SMEs, Commercial Property & Body Corporate 

For any business, Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure needs to be scalable solutions and provide flexibility for the future. 

While a single EVSE / Charge Point may be sufficient today, plan for the future where large numbers of Charge Points will be required. Your building and locations will need to cope with significant electricity demand. Smart planning will help avoid costly electrical infrastructure upgrades. 

Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

Scoping, Planning & Future Proofing

eMobe advise and guide business and commercial operators on the best options and approaches to installing Electric Car charging stations. eMobe works with leading New Zealand companies to ensure planning, installation, hardware selection, software control and billing all meet today’s and future requirements. A full advisory and project management service is offered.


We are connected to a wide range of experienced EV Charger installation partners. Working with landlords, building maintenance personnel, contracted electricians and often buildings with automated electrical systems can be complex. eMobe can ensure you are getting the best advice and will work with your partners to ensure a successful project.

EV Charger EVSE equipment from Evnex
Charge Point Control Cloud & App Software

Control, Billing & Administration

eMobe works with industry leaders to provide EV Charging software so you can manage a distributed Electric Vehicle charging network. Charge Points can be monitored for faults, usage, energy consumption and load management across multiple units. Flexible billing suited to EV fleets or public charging scenarios can be integrated into the overall solution.  

Education & EV Training

We have lived and breathed Electric Cars. Our experience within the electricity industry, coupled with decades of commercial experience means we can provide quality education and training for businesses starting the EV journey.